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Media UK Directory Links to loads of UK media sites.
Media Village Online media community.
Radio One It may not be perfect, but it's the best general pop station the nation's got.
Xfm This station used to be SO good. Since Capital Radio took over it has dropped it's alternative music output, and become a playlisted 'indie' station. E-mail them and give them hell... The link below has more details...
BCB The Bradford station I used to present a show for... when I had time.
NME.COM Website of the New Musical Express. The 'Angst' message board is good fun.
Orange Albert My band's site. Well worth several looks...
The Band Register Guess what this is. A register of bands? How did you guess?
Overground A company in Newcastle who handle bands like Man Or Astroman? in the UK as well as supporting local talent.
Freebase Music e-zine I have contributed to
Michael Clark A mate of mine at UMIST in Manchester. His site includes an ICQ users directory.
Richard White My uncle, a real academic. But don't hold that against him :)
Whizz303 Coverage of a load of decent bands.
'Horny Harry Hard-On' A DJ from Bradford. 'Avin it! (or something)
Video Games and emulation..  
RPGamer It's true. The best video games are Japanese-style RPGs. This is a very professional site dedicated to them...
The Top 25 Emulation Sites A guide to just about every emulation site worth looking at.

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