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Frequently Asked Questions

1. So what is West Yorkshire Photographs, then?

West Yorkshire Photographs is exactly that, a collection of photographs taken in the West Yorkshire region of the UK. If the photographs look unglamorous, that's because they are intended to give a "normal person's" view of a place, rather than a tourist view. That way people wanting to visit an area of West Yorkshire can see what it really looks like. The maps provided by Multi Media Mapping provide extra information about facilities in each particular area.

2. Is there any logic to the order in which places are added to the site?

Not really, Martin Bryant who runs the site takes a camera with him when he visits places in the region, has the photographs developed and scans them up onto the site.

3. Can I submit my pictures to West Yorkshire Photographs?

Yes! For it's first three months West Yorkshire Photographs did not accept users' own photographs of West Yorkshire, but now we do! Simply visit this step-by-step guide to submitting your photographs.


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